Promote cross country and track and field programs for high-school and middle-schoolaged children in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

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Indoor Track Registration

Indoor Track practice begins on Saturday, December 5.


2015 – 2016 Ridgefield High School Athletics Registration Forms

Six forms are required for athletics registration. All forms must be completed before a student can practice. It is recommended that this be done two or more weeks before the first practice to allow processing time.

Three forms are available on the Parent Portal and must be read and digitally signed by the Parent/Guardian and the Student. The other three are “hard copy” forms that must be completed and submitted to the Athletics office. 

Required Athletics Registration Forms on the Parent Portal

Parents and students should log on to the Parent Portal to read and sign the forms referenced below.

  • Log on to
  • Click on the Parents & Students tab and select PowerSchool Portal Login.
  • Login to your Power School account. There is a navigation bar on the left side of the screen.  The forms are located in the Athletic Consent tab.

For the 2015-2016 school year, parents and students are required to read and digitally sign the following forms. These forms are required once per school year and must be signed before a student's first sport season of the school year.

1) Student and Parent Concussion Informed Consent Form

This consent form was developed to provide students and parents with current and relevant information regarding concussions and to comply with Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) Chapter 163, Section 149b: Concussions.

2) Student and Parent Sudden Cardiac Arrest Informed Consent Form

This document was developed to provide student-athletes and parents/guardians with current and relevant information regarding sudden cardiac arrest  to comply with Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 163, Section 10-149f: SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST AWARENESS EDUCATION PROGRAM.

3) RHS Parent - Student Agreement Form

Required Hardcopy Athletics Registration Forms

These forms can be found on the Ridgefield High School Athletics Website. They are also available on the Parent Portal in the Athletics Forms tab. Direct links to the forms are included below as well.

You must complete all forms and submit them to the athletics office before you can practice. Do not turn them in to your coach - they cannot accept the forms.

4) Athletics Physical Exam Form

An Athletics Physical Exam is required annually for student athletes and are valid for 13 months.  The additional month is permitted to comply with insurance requirements and to resolve scheduling issues with physicians.

Incoming freshman should also submit the State of CT Health Assessment form as it is required for admittance into 9th grade.  

5) Emergency Treatment Consent Form

The Emergency Treatment Consent form is required each sport season.

6) Athletics Participation Fee

The Participation Fee is required seasonally and is due before the first day of the season. Checks are not deposited until teams are formed. Checks will be returned to parents/guardians for students who registered and paid but are not selected for a team.  Students who are selected for a team and decide before the first contest to not participate will also be refunded, but a written request is required.

Check Your Registration Status on Parent Portal

Parents can verify their child's athletic registration in the Parent Portal. After logging in, click on Athletic Forms to check registration status, including physical examination information.  Please allow 48 hours for forms to be processed before checking.